You Are What You Eat.

Medicine is big business, a massive financial generator and the liner of many deep, deep pockets. Pharmaceutical industry doesn't want to see problems eradicated. It needs problems to exist in order for itself thrive.


Autumn Mornings

Crisp air, slightly warmed, as the morning Sun rouses from slumber, Disturbed by a paling crescent moon, mischievously Lurking in an overcast, pastel-drawn sky. Fresh-fallen leaves join me in looking up At the trees, speckled with shades of autumn. Red, brown, green and yellow converge together. Differences forming a collective beauty, Taking up the baton... Continue Reading →

A Public Thanks To Real MVPs.

I entered my 36th year knowing that I was on the cusp of walking into my future. As the gears turn slowly, but still steadily, I can't help but feel the need to say thanks. Everyone needs a support base and I'm not so special that I've managed to be where I am without one.... Continue Reading →

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