You Are What You Eat.

Medicine is big business, a massive financial generator and the liner of many deep, deep pockets. Pharmaceutical industry doesn’t want to see problems eradicated. It needs problems to exist in order for itself thrive.


Cancer, diabetes, heart disease, blood disorders, obesity. These are real, clear and present dangers. These dangers, however, are dangers that can be addressed and prevented by simply being diligent about what we put inside our bodies. Our acidic environments and meat-protein driven diets are literally causing us to commit delayed suicide because, instead of eating to live and live well, we eat because it feels and tastes good. Some of us are also guilty of eating out of repetition. If you’re not sure what I mean by that, try skipping that cup of coffee in the morning!

I don’t have the perfect diet but I have definitely moved to eating a starch-based Kosher diet. It’s been a decent journey and there has been much learned. I’d strongly advise reading the article below and watching the YouTube video also for further understanding.

Dr. John McDougall MD has been widely criticized by the pharmaceutical conglomerates that drive our medicine market. You would think that he may be somewhat of a renegade. However, Dr. John McDougall has, in his 50+ years, had much documented success as a result of his natural approach, rather than medication. I believe that this is the issue at hand.
Medicine is big business, a massive financial generator and the liner of many deep, deep pockets. Pharmaceutical industry doesn’t want to see problems eradicated. It needs problems to exist in order for itself thrive. People like Dr. John McDougall are a threat and so steps are taken to stifle him as a guide, and to block the avenues he points out by means such as making natural foods cost small mortgages to feed on. Read/Watch for yourselves and feel free to give any feedback.



When You’re 13 And Haven’t Yet Grasped The Concept Of Cost…

So, I have a part-time job in my gym. Nothing fancy. Just working the desk for a few hours on a Saturday and Sunday.

You come across strange things working in this gym. For starters, we have a female member who trains for about 90 minutes before spending about TWO HOURS in the changing room. How that is possible, I’m guessing only females would know (Cue the molotov cocktails, inbound via social media!).

Today’s humorous selection was a conversation between the cleaner and her 13 years old daughter.

To set the scene, I had finished doing some medicine ball burpees in the corner of the gym. As a result, my boxers had ridden into the unknown and so, as you do, I carried necessary adjustments as I zoned out to the symphonic closing credits of X-men. I became aware of this brief conversation around me.

Child: “I found a dress!” [8th grade dinner dance]

Mother: “How much is it?”

Child: “$400”

Mother: “I’ll find something similar!” [I couldn’t help laughing at this point]

An attempt was made to argue a point but it landed on the ears of a mother, bearing the Wednesday Addams straight face. Alas, child. Going nowhere, fast!

I chuckled to myself and then laughed to myself as I pictured the young lass mowing multiple lawns and washing multiple cars amid the dramatic crescendo of X-men’s closing credits. LOL!

*sighs* It’s the little things, people. The little things!

The Look I Give When It Just Doesn’t Make Sense…

I live very dangerously. That is, I remain opinionated in this year 2016. However, I try to give quarter wherever I can. It’s something that I’m working on, as I dodge the fiery darts of this growing revolution called ‘Everyone is a winner’, a.k.a. ‘You can’t judge me’, a.k.a. ‘How dare you tell me I’m wrong when I’m wrong.’ This year of 2016 has me feeling like Maximus from Gladiator. Every day, as I leave my apartment and every day as I negotiate social media, I hear Proximo whispering in my ear, “We mortals are but shadows and dust. Shadows and dust, Maximus!” as I steel myself for the social affray that lies ahead.

As I duck, stick and move through this amphitheatre of life, I like to believe I do well. My personality sees me with sword and shield, nimbly avoiding net and trident, as my sharpened opinions offend flesh and spill the arguments of others over dry, sandy floors and… well… that just didn’t happen this morning.
This morning, I found myself confounded, as a gladiator would be if a mechanized robot, from War of the Worlds, suddenly appeared in the amphitheatre and began atomizing everyone with a laser beam. I stood, sword and shield by my side, as I heard some things that were, quite simply, out of this world!

Me: “I just don’t understand how you managed to drop the computer if you wasn’t moving it.”

Them: “Yeah. It hit the bar when it fell. I thought it would break the fall. Look… It won’t even switch on.”

Me: *with confused Nick Young smile*”So, the computer hit the metal bar before hitting the concrete floor and you’re surprised it doesn’t work?”

Them: *’deer in headlights’ stare, blinks*

*face-palm, sighs, points with sword* Someone warp me, second star to the right and straight on til morning…!

Autumn Mornings

Crisp air, slightly warmed, as the morning
Sun rouses from slumber,
Disturbed by a paling crescent moon, mischievously
Lurking in an overcast, pastel-drawn sky.
Fresh-fallen leaves join me in looking up
At the trees, speckled with shades of autumn.
Red, brown, green and yellow converge together.
Differences forming a collective beauty,
Taking up the baton where humanity falls short.
I’m humbled by this display of Love and community.
Children, awaiting school time, fill the air
With  the sound of innocent play and excitement,
As the trees respond, in unison, gently swaying
As the laughter dances through their boughs.
An air of regeneration smooths over my face
And fills my lungs, producing a smile of content.
If only time could pause;

A Public Thanks To Real MVPs.

I entered my 36th year knowing that I was on the cusp of walking into my future. As the gears turn slowly, but still steadily, I can’t help but feel the need to say thanks.

Everyone needs a support base and I’m not so special that I’ve managed to be where I am without one. Without certain individuals lending their support, at times when I’ve had my back to the wall, I wouldn’t be on this cusp at all. But they have helped and, even though they’ll remain anonymous at this time (They know who they are), I’d like to offer a public thanks.

It could be that I was struggling and you’ve helped financially. It could be that I’ve needed a ride to shop for groceries or partake in outdoor activities and you’ve given that ride. It could be that, in order to bring a smile to my face, you saw a need to surprise me with a theme park outing (I need to blog about this one!). It could be that you were clearing house and came across some things I need and offered. It could be that I helped you and you returned the favour above and beyond. Whatever it has been, there are some people I’m ever indebted to.

Family, real friends, church family, supervisors, in no specific order, I take a knee and salute you with love and gratitude.

Thank you…