Brock Turner: You Only Need To Want To Make It!

I remember being absolutely stunned when Brock Turner was given a 6 months sentence for raping an unconscious girl on the campus of Stanford University. I was even more stunned when I heard about a police officer receiving the same sentence, for the same crime, in Alabama. That’s for a different discussion, though.
Today, having served 3 months of that 6 months stretch, Brock Turner is a free person.

Rapturous applause, though, for the justice system! Apparently, Brock had a great drive in school and a bright outlook for his future. This meant that it wasn’t necessary for him to face the punishment he should have faced and it meant that any time more than 6 months in a prison would have hampered this drive, which clearly is needed in our society, apparently. So much so that it over-rides the law. Has anyone even heard a genuine apology from Brock? I know his dad said it was just ’20 minutes of action’ but I’m tending to think that this drive and small level of intellect, plus common sense, that Brock has may have informed him that what he did was wrong. Or maybe the drive is all wrong, but indicative of how we have become as a society. Because everyone is a winner, aren’t they?

I can see Brock being a big supporter of the system when he eventually becomes a man. Declaring how anyone can make it and how he has never been turned down for opportunity in the land of the free (Privileged). Actually, I see another Donald Trump in the making.

*yawns, stretches* Scumbag…


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