When Riding Uber, My Car Isn’t Yours!

Driving for Uber has become one of the greatest ever side-jobs. My own hours and it’s fun to be able to drive around for a few hours on a weekend, meeting new people and making a little extra money while doing so. I feel, though, that some passengers don’t realize that the car they are in ISN’T part of the service and also fail to reciprocate basic common courtesy. Here are just a few pointers when getting into MY car.

  1. You expect me to be on time. You need to be doing the same.
    Philadelphia has many roads designed to handle foot traffic and the occasional horse and cart. My Buick just about fits down these roads when handled by the skill and finesse of Yours Truly, which should indicate that there is no passing option when I’m sitting outside your address for 5 minutes with the world and his wife trailing behind me. BE READY! You saw I was 5 minutes away. If you knew that you wouldn’t be ready in 5 minutes, wait for another car. It’s simple logic!
  2. Food is not an option in another man’s vehicle.
    In the tri-state heat and humidity, please, feel free to take some water on board. Enjoy the gentle breeze from the AC up front and exchange pleasant conversation or sit in the comfort and silence of your own space. DON’T, however, think you’re going to open up a burger and fries, stuff your face and leave my car smelling like a fast food restaurant. No sah! How would you like it if I came and sat in the back of YOUR car and began chowing down on some curry goat, rice and peas? And how are you going to like it when your car is charged to detail the inside of my car…? Actually… Hmmmmmm… (I jest!)
  3. Google Maps is a thing.
    You may have lived in a place all your life. That’s great. However, you are not a global search engine. The voice coming from the speakers has been designed and set in place so you can ride in total comfort and not have to give me directions. Especially when your directions land us in traffic! Do me a favour. Sit, smile and engage in pleasant conversation. We’ll leave the directional concerns to that global institution we know as Google!
  4. Touch my radio and you can get out of my car.
    Riding up front allows the ride to be more personable. I like that. But, you see, there are levels to relationships. As a first time rider, you become an acquaintance. To believe you can reach for my radio AND THEN try to take the audio connector from MY PHONE, because you want to listen to your music? Mad ting! When in MY car, I run tings. Tings nuh run me! And, if it is manners that you can’t find because you feel you are in receipt of a service, which must give you some status, I have no qualms pulling over and assisting you from MY car rather hastily! No five stars for you! LOL!
  5. They may not want to join you in the strip club.
    Gentlemen, Uber Pool is a great thing. Conversation to be had and friends to be made. However, just as alcohol is a thing, so is tactful approach to the opposite sex. Especially while intoxicated. Two men, sharing an Uber ‘date’ with two attractive females, may wish to reach for alternative date-night establishments when one’s original destination is the strip club. We may as well become cavemen and begin beating women in the head with clubs, to display interest, if the ability to adjust a plan, to attract a mate, is a bridge too far!

Uber driving. Bringing small rays of laughter into my laugh one weekend at a time…!


12 thoughts on “When Riding Uber, My Car Isn’t Yours!

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  1. Be careful in areas like Kensington. It’s not the greatest of neighborhoods in Philadelphia. I used to reside there and I pray hard when I have to pick up someone in that area or areas that are similar to Kensington. I haven’t had an issue yet. It’s funny that my worse experience came from a female who resides in Ardmore. Funny right?

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    1. The main thing that bothers me up that way is that my wireless signal isn’t so good. I had a cancellation on some sketchy street and couldn’t get the passenger’s number to call her. When I finally got signal, the number provided wasn’t the passenger!


      1. Yeah. The signal acts screwy in different areas of the city for me. I am going to send Uber an email about the many issues that I have, especially the fact that many customers don’t put in the right address and some of the locations where they are have different or an inaccurate address. Have you noticed that Morgan’s Pier has more than one address?


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