I was told that I have a great spirit of humility
And, as much as I wish I could say that it’s based on ability,
It’s not. It’s an acceptance of past paths trodden.
An acceptance of past hearts trodden.
An understanding that moves played in low key,
In order to become Thor, actually had me playing Loki.

Driven by fear, I became resentment of myself.
“If I can’t love me, why should anybody else?”
Soulless, I was a werewolf, howling at the moon with empty pain,
From a broken rooftop, in winter night’s rain.
The pitter-patter around me, sounding off every chance missed
And numbering every unanswered wish.

Pain became closeted in by a defensive wall of rage
And nurtured as I flicked through my life’s chapters, page by page.
A loose canon at Trafalgar, sinking ships of the line,
Unable to prevent the ultimate sinking of the ship that was mine.
There is much relief that comes from knowing I’ve moved on
But it is a remembrance that keeps my humble keel strong.

The keel was tempered in the seeking of forgiveness
As I slowly became driven by Love, in order to give this
Journey to purpose my all, with fear a dwindling entity
As my position in life becomes where it is meant to be.
Love + Remembrance = Humility. Pride, I’ll always swerve,
As I stick to Love, remembering that to Love is to serve.


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