I Hate Everything…!

Gets to bed late. Comes in to a complete IT outage, thanks to Verizon. What happened to that remarkable coverage?! *rocks in dark corner with Wednesday Addams straight face*


R.I.P. Hamim Lubega

This gentleman carried himself with an exemplary spirit of humility and he is going to be greatly missed. Away from the track, he was the quiet one (within the parameters of the 'quiet' Mile End's athletes produce!). He had a constantly calm and collected tone and it reflected on his performances on the track. He... Continue Reading →


I was told that I have a great spirit of humility And, as much as I wish I could say that it's based on ability, It's not. It's an acceptance of past paths trodden. An acceptance of past hearts trodden. An understanding that moves played in low key, In order to become Thor, actually had... Continue Reading →

Thanks To My Readers!

I realized today that I have had over 500 readers in 20 countries. To my readers from countries near and far, I salute you and hope what you have read has touched you in some way.

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