Noticing Some Changes. Iron Man Changes!

I’m not even too sure how far into this training I am but I do know it’s about 12 or so weeks and I’m noticing some pretty big changes.

My fitness has changed drastically. I’m beginning to feel more like an athlete again. Something I haven’t felt in a long time, to be honest. Just this past weekend, I went for a 2 hours run. Something I’d never done before. I covered a half-marathon, which I’d never dreamed of doing 3 months ago.
On the track, I’m beginning to feel that I can run more efficiently and not feel so heavy in my stride and, my HIIT sessions are becoming more aggressive as I am losing bulk but gaining endurance.

I have to admit, it’s somewhat of a dent to the ego to lost my bulk up top. I’ve never been the biggest of guys so, when I saw that my upper-body was developing earlier this year, I was pretty excited! I was wondering today, though, if it may come back once I start a swimming routine. I know I become very defined when I swim regularly but this time, there will be very little lifting to support the definition. It’s going to be interesting!

I dare say I’m destined to be a slender triathlete! LOL!

Things that are surfacing that I need to begin working on focus around diet, sleep and flexibility. The first two can also be listed as financial budget and time management. I’m pretty sure that getting a grip on these two aspects of my life, while stretching EVERY day, will help me to make progress in leaps and bounds!

It’s starting to dawn on me that, just as I was with track & field, I have to be about this Iron Man/Triathlon life. It can’t be something I do. It has to be something that I AM. Loving this journey so far!


Author: Darren Robinson

I'm extremely opinionated and have lead somewhat of a colourful life, that I'd like to share with others. I believe that sharing our experiences and thoughts can help others no end, as we live this life of social media that has caused us to become islands, often suffering in silence, while we put on the front of the good life. I'm also an avid sportsman, track athlete and am headed towards a purpose of teaching the Word of God. Always something to say, always something to share, always eager to hear from others.

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