My Own Boss

The 5-year plan is to
Give the paycheck a permanent rain check
They’ll fear me.


The 5-year plan is to
Give the paycheck a permanent rain check
They’ll fear me.

Black businesses, and I don’t mean
Black fools with crack businesses.
I mean blacks with the tools and a
Unity that stacks businesses.
Snatch back businesses, born, raised
And supported by whipped back businesses.
Black Star Line was to be trade, where there was
Growth, followed by shipped back businesses.
But we are too busy being entertained.

Wrapped up in Scandal and Empire
And Hip-Hop’s side-chicks,
Where Kings become ‘niggers’ and
Queens become a ‘side-bitch’.
We cast pearls before swine and
Then complain because we aren’t rich,
While our role models tell us there is
Value in money and selling of coke bricks
And then we bathe in the falsehood of their statements.

Well, I don’t care for money and jewels.
I’ll stick with shelves of unread books.
Knowledge then applied so I can stride
In confidence, without feeling shook.
A humble protest but my ‘Click-click’
Still causes pauses and cautious looks.
But it’s never the carbine. Just my pen
Balancing my own books.
I declare success in my life in Jesus name.

Author: Darren Robinson

I'm extremely opinionated and have lead somewhat of a colourful life, that I'd like to share with others. I believe that sharing our experiences and thoughts can help others no end, as we live this life of social media that has caused us to become islands, often suffering in silence, while we put on the front of the good life. I'm also an avid sportsman, track athlete and am headed towards a purpose of teaching the Word of God. Always something to say, always something to share, always eager to hear from others.

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