Of Unemployment

It’s somewhat strange that the very thing

That provides a life resource takes my life away.

Gives me money to buy presentations of life

While keeping the progression of my mind at bay.

I can feel the neurons of my brain beginning

To communicate like long lost friends,

Calling from distant ends of the same community,

Engaging in song on a march of progression

Like enemies that have come together

As one to make amends.

I now find myself investigating everything

That I don’t know and questions I can’t answer.

Book-facts, places visited and making plans

For future advancement.

It’s like going back to school

But in the old skool way.

I’m at liberty to investigate ideas and avenues,

Removed from mechanics and procedure of 9 – 5 days.

But, Alas!

It’s ironic that the thing that has given me life

Is temporary just as this life is.

I have responsibilities and I’m not a believer

In stealing another man’s taxes.

It’s somewhat daunting that, having had my fingers

Fly across my keyboard, in purposeful array,

To put thoughts of my own, this night, out into the ‘Cloud’,

Unemployment is drawing to a close just like the day.

The hunt continues for that papery substance,

That replaces the worth of  grey matter,

Presenting itself as digits on an ATM screen.

Light contained behind thick, scratched glass.

Defaced beauty?


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