Do You Love Her?

Do you love her?

Do you love her?

When all is weighed in the balance,

Do you love her?

As men, it’s easy to dive into

The idea, the woman being subject to the man,

Often forgetting that there is

A need to love, and not just lead, when you hold her hand.

Don’t be so hung up on

Ephesians 5:22. You bring it out of context

Because three verses down,

The situation is made as simple as we make it complex.

Love your wife with the love

Of Christ and keep this memory to the touch.

When asked how much He loved

He opened His arms on the cross and said, “This much”.

Do you love her?

Created from our rib,

To demonstrate she can support as well as protect

Our weaknesses and

Deepest emotions when life, like the tax man, comes to collect.

Created from our rib,

So, when you feel a stitch, you know it’s time to care.

A gentle hold

A little closer just so she knows you’re there.

Do you love her?

And is that love a love situational?

Where you don’t really

Give it all and keep it probational,

That ‘almost’ love.

Where you give all of most

And most of all but never just all.

That’s part-time effort,

Wanting full-time pay, a.k.a. Pride before the fall.

Do you love her?

You see, love earns love.

But it needs to occur between complete hearts

Because those broken and reserved

Can only give and receive from incomplete parts.

Which leads her love

To the point it is unsatisfied, unrequited

And the fact you can’t understand her tears

Is a reflection on you and your heart, divided.

Do you love her?

When you look into her eyes

And say I love you, is your heart complete?

Or is it that ‘almost’ love?

Because ‘almost’ means she’s not within reach.

Do you love her?


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