A Thought From Mike Brown…

You would think that my final thoughts would be

Those of anger. Hatred towards a man

That played judge, jury and God and stopped me

From having just one more day of Summer.

But the fact is, I just want what should be.

My thoughts aren’t of rioting and looting.

Just one of those of which I wish could be.

That’s to have just one more day of Summer.

Petrol bombs, never designed to resurrect,

Now light up a clear night sky, that’s star-lit

But not appreciated. Let me correct

What is fake friendship and false martyrdom.

‘Friends’ fight those who swore to ‘serve and protect’,

Using the title to just serve themselves.

No more fickle friends. Let me interject!

No anger. Just one more day of Summer.

‘Martyrdom’, used and abused by my ‘friends’.

The old friends of Trayvon, who have replaced

Hoodies with hands in the air, make amends

For forgetting about him so quickly.

Bandwagon jumpers, looking to find trends

To remind themselves of the last time they

Could rely on life lost. Reason that lends

Its own life. Oh! one more day of Summer!

Lives, taken by the squeezing of triggers

Causes outrage, based on pigmentation.

Ignorance all round, and many sniggers

At fake friends who have no idea of the

Pain we experienced, and it figures,

As the lives taken look on in sorrow

To see these part-time friends embrace as ‘niggers’.

Just ignorance on a day in Summer.

My death. Reduced to mere media hype.

Opportunities as celebrities

Only seek to be in media light.

My life is a race for information.

The business that makes the media right

To expose me in the name of ratings.

My death. Reduced to mere media hype.

I only want one more day of Summer.

Dying, with burning rounds in my chest,

I never knew that I could miss an August

Afternoon.  No thoughts of anger. Distressed

By thoughts of what I would miss most of all.

Quickly thinking before eternal rest.

Mama’s love, like gentle breeze through tall trees,

Supports final breaths in this final test.

That feeling of my last day of Summer.


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