I, Hate…

Fired from the muzzle of Rejection,
Having been stored in the magazine of Fear.
I’m fired into the innocence of one
From the ignorance of another,
Transforming into Death.
I am Hate.

Whipped into the backs of slaves
By the hands of anger, possessed by the
Minds I inhabit. My home remains ignorant.
Ignorant, as I am ejaculated into a heart of Love,
From the penis of Despise, through the
Vagina of Innocence. She cried to remain so.
Love screamed when thrown overboard.
I shared her last breath as I now thrived
In the mind of her husband. I bathed in his tears.
I wallowed in his frustration and despair
As he swung from that tree by his neck.
I shared his last breath as I now thrived
In the mind of his son…
Give me a generation of children…
I am Hate.

My will, executed on the edge of La Guillotine,
Driven into the necks of men and women.
I have no respect of persons.
My siblings, Rage, Anger, Judgement and others
Flood through cobbled streets in the blood of
Mothers, Fathers, Daughters and Sons, spilled
To propagate my name.
I am Hate.

I stand astride borders, guiding destruction,
As it glides through the sky with purpose,
Raining judgement on homes and schools of
The unprepared and undeserving,
As a dragon who descends from the sky to
Exact vengeance for a perpetration unknown.
I live in the explosive fires of devastation and
Grow in the minds of children pulled from the rubble.
For those not heard, we share the fruits of
Death’s labour. That final feint breath.
I am Hate.

I’m welcomed into almost every home,
Demonstrating my work to an audience of
Men, women and children. Unable to share with
One another as they gather around my spectacle,
Skillfully and purposefully projected in HD.
I soften their minds to my power. I become
Entertainment, Escapism, a Time-filler.
Ultimately, I become the crutch of weakened minds.
Minds that give me a home and promote me.
I am Hate.

I seek to become Death.
Browning, Glock, Smith & Wesson continue to
Bark my name as blood spilled courses my veins
And the breath of lost life fills my lungs.
I am Hate.

I seek to become Death.
Colour, sexuality, religion, class, wealth.
I use these things but don’t know these things
As I divide and conquer creation, regardless.
I am comfortable.
I am Hate You?


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