Thoughts on Finding Purpose.

I came across a situation last night that makes me feel that I'm finally in line with my purpose (Not necessarily there but in the right vein). The situation can possibly be expanded on further down the line (The reason for this will be apparent if/when the time comes to share.) but, without doubt, I... Continue Reading →


Even Lions Cry

Sometimes, even Lions cry. No one ever sees, though. The tears dry on our mane. What depicts us as men, hides the hurt we often feel. It seems, in all instances, we remain the same. Our manes only move with aggression and anger. No one sees that side of us, soft and caring. It means... Continue Reading →

Of Autumn

The living room window depicts a tearful eye, Mourning the demise of the summer season As the cold wind outside drives the rain towards you, Trying to reach you for an unknown reason. The cozy feeling of safety and security warms you As you hold your loved one close, Wrapped in a warm blanket, sipping... Continue Reading →

Speaking Life, Speaking Death

I’ve discovered that, My brain is a place that knows no bounds Of expression, A magazine containing thoughts of live rounds That lock themselves In the chamber of my mouth As my tongue cocks back, Hammers forward and spits them out. I’ve discovered the irony Of saving a life while taking another Like shooting the... Continue Reading →

Do You Love Her?

Do you love her? Do you love her? When all is weighed in the balance, Do you love her? As men, it’s easy to dive into The idea, the woman being subject to the man, Often forgetting that there is A need to love, and not just lead, when you hold her hand. Don’t be... Continue Reading →

A Pondering on Women…

I wonder why it is that, Some women work so hard to be chased That they forget to flirt With the idea of being caught and embraced. I wonder why it is that, There is such a need to fight against male reliance That the lines become blurred Between independence and defiance. I dare say,... Continue Reading →

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