Thoughts on Cincinnati Gorilla Shooting

I read, on the BBC’s news site, about the shooting of Harambe, a gorilla kept at a Cincinnati zoo. Really sad stuff and you can read the article HERE.

Without a doubt, the killing of any animal in this way is a sad thing. What upsets me, though, is the lack of perspective had by animal activists. I just can’t fathom their argument.
Maybe they don’t understand the strength of a gorilla but there has to be an understanding that there was no other option. The gorilla was agitated, disorientated and, thus, unpredictable. Human life was hanging in the balance. I wonder how these animal rights activists would have reacted if their four years old son was in the same situation as the young boy in this article?

There does need to be some form of investigation into the hows and whys. For a four years old boy to find himself in a gorilla enclosure, SOMEONE wasn’t watching him. I’m tending to think that there may be a situation of negligence here. Having said that, though, four years old kids will be exactly that and I think ALL parents of children that age and older will agree, keeping a constant eye on children that age is borderline impossible at the best of times, much less when they’re are excited about being around all creatures great and small!

I have to admit, I’m starting to turn away from zoos and other animal enclosures. I’m beginning to see them as mere money-making institutions, where the animals aren’t kept as they would be in the wild, therefore, making the trip somewhat of a waste of money. I’m with animal preservation programs and I can understand the workings of safaris, etc. A collection of small buildings in large cities, though, I can’t really get with that anymore. Especially when the animals inside are not native to the region they are kept in. If you want to see a lion, use your passport. If you want to see elephants, use your passport. If you can’t afford it, read a book!


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