Racism. Fallout of a bigger issue?

I definitely need to go deeper on this subject but this is just an airing of opinion for now.

I believe racism against black people goes a whole lot deeper than the colour of skin. I believe it goes deeper than white imperialism. I believe racism is fallout of the ‘elites’ gaining control of humanity, regardless of colour.

Just like an adopted child, humanity, through various systems, is being ripped from its origins to be raised by another parent. Black people are the thorn in the side of the master plan as they are potentially the link between humanity’s origin and present day. Do away with the link to the origin and make way to create your own.

Beyond systems, I see a global structure that has been slowly built, like a game of chess, designed to keep black people locked in a box because the ‘elites’ know that, in that box, black people will do what they often do best. Kill each other and climb on each other, like crabs in a barrel, as though they’d be greeted with open arms, should they get out anyway.

Slavery continues. Only, it has translated through time. Instead of having the lead negros, overseeing their brothers and sisters while they languish in the heat, picking cotton, dishing out the lash when they see fit, we now have music artists who use their poetic talent to keep down their own kind by referring to their brothers as niggers and their sisters as anything subhuman, as though the words ‘woman’, ‘lady’, ‘queen’ were torn from their vocabulary.
When black people aren’t whipped by the music produced by their own, they’re whipped by the visual entertainment provided by their own. Constant portrayal of broken, dubious, almost made it, characters in shows like Basketball Sidechicks and ‘Going nowhere, fast’ wives of various cities around the States. I also don’t see much love in hip hop so, how the two became synonymous, on TV, I’ll never know.
In short, black people are fed destructive ‘entertainment’ and are left to fight over the crumbs of wealth that fall from master’s table and don’t black people fight each other WELL?! It saddens me.

As I type, so many things are pouring into my head. This new thought is exploding so I’m going to stop here, in anticipation of putting a more well-presented blog together.

At the root of this, I believe, is a battle that rages in the spirit realm. I think racism against black people goes way deeper than the colour of skin. It goes way deeper than genetics and the distortion of black history and, therefore, global history is a facade of a much more sinister issue.

On a whim, in my thoughts. Thanks for reading!!


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