BBC News: US seeks death penalty over Charleston church shooting

US seeks death penalty over Charleston church shooting –

I think it will be somewhat sad if another murder is the outcome of this incident. In this era of ‘Let him without sin cast the first stone’, it would cut against the grain of Biblical teaching to have the State take this young man’s life. Life, without chance of parole would be the fitting punishment, I feel.

Exacting the word of God is teeth-grittingly tough at times and to see someone slap the taste out of this boy’s mouth has part of me salivating with glee but, understanding every physical thing has a spiritual foundation, we have to reel it in a little and swallow that bitter pill we call Pride.


Author: Darren Robinson

I'm extremely opinionated and have lead somewhat of a colourful life, that I'd like to share with others. I believe that sharing our experiences and thoughts can help others no end, as we live this life of social media that has caused us to become islands, often suffering in silence, while we put on the front of the good life. I'm also an avid sportsman, track athlete and am headed towards a purpose of teaching the Word of God. Always something to say, always something to share, always eager to hear from others.

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