Restrooms and stuff…

I can’t emphasize enough how sad it is, this day and age, to be arguing over what restrooms we can and can’t use. I mean, the idea is pretty simple. You have a penis? Great! Use the restroom where other people, all handling their own penis, go too. Or, do you have a vagina? There you go! Sorted! You, madam, will go where all others, gifted with vaginas, go too. I mean, where on earth did the argument come from, “I have a penis but…” and “I have a vagina but…”?! Get a grip, people!
Seriously. Where did society become so immature that there is now an argument over which restroom we are allowed to use? It smacks of children who just want all the toys, as far as I’m concerned. “I want so I should have. And do you know why? Because everyone is a winner!” This notion is beginning to turn society into an absolute mess.

My response? Well it’s pretty simple. If public restrooms are such a contention to you, DON’T USE THEM! At home you have a restroom ALL to yourself. Nobody can tell you whether you can or can’t use it and nobody can tell you what you can and can’t do in there. Problem solved.

“But that’s not good enough, sir! Social science tells me I’m a woman, trapped in a man’s body! I have rights!”

Well, this maybe true. But what makes your right more important than someone else’s? Why should your right be adhered to while someone else’s isn’t?
Social sciences also show us the existence of the sexually immoral folk that perv and prey on young children and the opposite sex. Does your right to feel warm and fuzzy inside, at the thought of acceptance, outweigh the right of a young child to have a safe environment?

“But that isn’t love! Where is the love in telling me I can’t use the ‘other’ restroom?”

Hmmmmmm… Well, this is where I get really upset. Why?

Where, my friend, is YOUR love and acceptance? Love for other people and acceptance of the perspective of situations, greater than your want to use a different restroom. Shall we head to Flint, where the water is poison and begin our protests? Or maybe we should strike up the picket lines in Alberta, Canada, where masses have been made homeless due to out of control forest fires. Maybe that’s not good enough. What about Syria and the other war-torn states around the world? Shall we go to them and plead our case? We can explain how waking up to a missile exploding in the room next door just isn’t as important as you being able to high-five someone of the opposite sex as you saunter into the restroom of your choice! Is your WANT greater than ANY of their NEEDS? I say no.

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again. Vladimir Lenin once said, “Give me just one generation of youth and I will transform the whole world.”
We gave the system our children and then the system stopped us from maturing any further. We don’t realize that we have become children ourselves, arguing over such pitiful things that we have become distracted from the real issues.


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