Thoughts on Cincinnati Gorilla Shooting

I read, on the BBC's news site, about the shooting of Harambe, a gorilla kept at a Cincinnati zoo. Really sad stuff and you can read the article HERE. Without a doubt, the killing of any animal in this way is a sad thing. What upsets me, though, is the lack of perspective had by... Continue Reading →


Trail Running Today!

There's something about getting to grips with nature that makes me feel complete. In reaching towards an Iron Man, distance is inevitable. The repetitive pounding of pavement and road for, what seems to be, an eternity is an unavoidable bridge one must cross but to run in nature... It brings out some deep, primitive feeling... Continue Reading →


I stepped outside this lunchtime to the possibility of summer breaking up the squabble of winter and spring. I'm hoping he can remain the voice of reason! Windows down, music tun up! Summer, baby!!!

Racism. Fallout of a bigger issue?

I definitely need to go deeper on this subject but this is just an airing of opinion for now. I believe racism against black people goes a whole lot deeper than the colour of skin. I believe it goes deeper than white imperialism. I believe racism is fallout of the 'elites' gaining control of humanity,... Continue Reading →

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