It’s OK If Someone Disagrees With You!

When did we become a society where disagreement was the worst thing, EVER?!

I’m extremely opinionated and guess what? Not everybody agrees with me!
That doesn’t upset me, make me want to click the Unfriend button or cause me to post “I’mma do me, boo boo!” Facebook statuses, as I reside in my corner like a crouching tiger.
The simple fact is, if you’re happy with who you are and what you are doing, you probably wouldn’t feel the need to react like that in the first place.

Why can’t we just have some gentlemanly conduct? We disagree, talk about it, we shake hands and move on (Hopefully, before someone initiates a duel!).

Labels. That’s the problem. Social labels. ‘Gay’, ‘Christian’, ‘Ethnic Minority’, ‘Feminist’, ‘Jedi’. The constant need to walk on egg shells, based on someone’s feelings being as resilient as panty lace, has me running around a social maze like Pac Man, lost, doped up on ‘political correctness’ pills. It’s pathetic!

While you’re complaining about not being wrapped up in cotton wool and being allowed to feel warm and fuzzy inside, spare a moment to think about the homeless and those wondering where their next meal is coming from. Spare a moment to think about those being burned alive in Nigeria. Give thanks that you only need to have your feelings caressed because, in other walks of life, someone just like you is wondering if their home will be turned to a pile of rubble by a missile.
In short, get some blasted perspective! Sniveling in your little corner like a spanked child achieves nothing in life. We’ve got superbugs playing peek-a-boo and Boeing jets that simply disappear from this dimension. Society needs YOU. SO… dust your pants off and get on deck!

Many thanks!



One thought on “It’s OK If Someone Disagrees With You!

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  1. Nice observations! I often say that I have more respect for an informed opinion that is in complete opposition to my own thoughts, over someone who agrees with me but can’t articulate why. I think we are divided because of the “need” some people have for labels to define others or a desire to only interact with like minded people. You can’t learn much from someone just like you. I share my ideas not to persuade others but to offer perspective. Here is my own most recent post


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