5 Things On My Goal List…

  1. Visit all of the United States Capitol Buildings. I live here and want to see all of here, while learning about all of here in the process.
  2. Visit the 7 MODERN Wonders of the World. Because why not?!
  3. Ride the Orient Express. I can see this being done either on my own or with a special someone.
  4. Ride the Trans-Siberian Railway. Because life wouldn’t be complete without crossing the largest expanse of inhabitable land on my favourite mode of transport!
  5. Become a Teacher of the Word (Bible). Having grappled with this idea for most of my life, it took some time to realise that this is my life’s purpose. I’m working steadily towards it, often wrestling with the changes I know I need to make in order to get there. But the purpose always wins!

I haven’t listed these in any particular order but they are alive and kicking on my Goal List. I wonder, what’s on yours?!


One thought on “5 Things On My Goal List…

Add yours

  1. Receive my Bachelor Degree in Business Administration and Accounting.

    Walk into and receive the keys to my own home within the next 3 years.

    Visit the White House before this year is out, with my babies. – I want to meet the Obamas before they leave.

    Become debt-free within the next 10 years. – Meaning no car payment, no home payment and my credit cards will be at their credit limit.

    Help my babies get into the best schools and college that I know they are well capable of getting into.

    There are more but I don’t want to flood the comment section. LOL


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