10 Things That Make Me Really Happy

1929868_994623470574656_3169922483397490507_nMaybe it’s a strange thing that this has to take some thought! I wonder if it’s due to a lack or an abundance of happiness. Hmmmmmm…

  1. My children. A beautiful daughter and two great sons, all going through their various stages in life. The real happiness is seeing them do something I do or saying something I say.
    My oldest son is going through the same things I went through when I was his age. Easy to relate to, not so easy to address all the time! I sometimes think I put an unfair amount of pressure on him, when we speak, because I see so much potential and wouldn’t want to see him waste the chances and opportunities that I allowed to pass me by.
    My daughter thinks like me and expresses herself in writing as I do. She seeks to learn and educate herself and I still remember having our Creation vs. Evolution conversation, where her level of intelligence left me somewhat astounded. Reasoning with her is like reasoning with myself and reading some of her written expression is like reading my own. Leaves me speechless every time!
    My youngest son questions EVERYTHING. Taking him on a road trip, without listening to any music was a lot of fun. He has such an inquisitive brain, wants to know everything about everything and expects the answers. Where he doesn’t get the answers, he puts forward pretty logical opinion (Yeah, like his dad!). His developing sense of humour makes me laugh, man!
  2. My God. We have a pretty typical father-son relationship. He sets the standards, I try to adhere to them, I feel disappointed when I fall short and aim to do better. Often, though, we hit this period where we are both operating on the same wavelength. They are coming along more often as I grow in life and, when they happen, I’m always seen smiling for no visible reason.
    Since taking a step back from viewing God through the eyes of Religion and working on a personal relationship with Him, I’ve experienced some great highs and learned from very harsh lessons. The saga continues…!
  3. Working out. Anyone that knows me, knows I LOVE to train myself and others. Applying myself to push beyond barriers and in the pursuit of new goals makes me extremely happy. Currently, I’m building (from scratch!) towards an Iron Man in 2017. Most likely in Wales, in September. It’ll be a pinnacle of achievement for me and, at only 3 weeks into training, the lessons and realization of the task at hand are huge!
  4. Reading. Whether it be the pages of a leather-bound Bible, the bright coloured pages of a Personal Training study book or the rough, heavy-printed pages of a novel or poetry book. I love to lose myself, at times, to the tranquil silence of reading.
    I think I developed this love from an extremely young age. My mum has reminded me that some of the best times of life were had during a 4 year period where we couldn’t afford a TV. During this period, I’d read anything I could get my hands on. Comic books, Encyclopedia, newspapers, fact and fiction. By the time I went to secondary school (11), I could read and express an opinion on just about any thing I was given to read. This did come at a cost, though. For a long time, I was often laughed at because I didn’t watch the latest films or have cable TV.
    It’s funny how history repeats itself. I haven’t owned a TV since December 2012 and I don’t miss it. I’m sure I’ll get one again but, as when I was young, it just isn’t a priority!
  5. Model Railways. Not many people know this about me but I can sit for hours on end, working or watching a good model railways. My dad bought me my first pieces when I was about 6 or 7. I haven’t looked back! I still have some of the old, dusty locomotives (diesel and electric, plus one steam engine) and modelling equipment sitting in the loft of my mum’s house! LOL!
    When the time comes for me to build my home, I’m pretty sure a model railway in the basement is going to be a must!
  6. Aquaria. Running water, in general, puts me most at peace. I stood at my window over this past weekend, watching the rain fall, sipping a coffee and couldn’t have been more relaxed. My own aquarium, though! I remember the cichlid aquarium I had when I was living at my mum’s. 5ft x 1ft x 2ft and I would spend AGES, lost, watching the fish explore the rockery and avoid the ever-growing crabs that lurked in the rocks!
    Going forward, I want to develop a coral reef for sure!
  7. Employment. Strange, I know *sighs* But it’s true! LOL! I’m at my most happy when I am being productive. I complain about some of my I.T. users and it can be an emotional drain, working with the different personalities I come across when Personal Training but I would have it over doing nothing ANY day! An unemployed Daz is an unhappy Daz, rest assured!
  8. Travelling. Probably on a lot of people’s lists. I think it’s because I love to learn and love to meet new people. Last weekend, I drove almost a thousand miles, on a road trip to New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Connecticut. I loved every minute of it. Even the Wacky Races episode I experienced, driving through New York City!
  9. My family. I could spend forever on this subject but, Lord! I have the best family. Without my parents and my brothers and sisters, I wouldn’t have made it this far after emigrating. They keep me grounded and keep me amused. I wouldn’t trade them for love nor money. Although, I don’t think I ever said this until the age of about 17! LOL! 😉
  10. Me! I don’t think it’s possible to be really happy until you can be happy with yourself. In the same way, we can’t really experience Love until we have learned to love ourselves.
    I’m in no way being narcissistic. I’m actually a pretty modest person (sometimes a little too modest, I feel) but, since a beginning of change in 2009 (Story for another time) and a realization to grow in November 2013 (Another story!), I’ve learned to be comfortable with myself and who I really am. I am a man on a journey. A journey, if I’m honest, that I’ve been fighting against from the very beginning. Hence the scars from lessons learned as I’ve been dragged down the path anyway!
    I’m also very loving. Once I let you in, you’ll find the love to be very genuine and very warm and I think it’s the presence of the two coming together, a continuous journey, learning to Love, that makes me happy to be me: Human…

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