Having Gay Friends As A Christian And The Ignorance I See On Both Sides

Having spent many years floating in and out of the Church, I've definitely lived an interesting life. I've had a vast amount of experiences, of all types. Good, bad, funny, side-eye moments and I have made a massive amount of friends! From moving in military circles, track and field circles, obstacle course racing circles and... Continue Reading →


Athlete’s Slump – Where I’m At.

As a developing Personal Trainer and as a seasoned athlete, I'd like to think that my only Kryptonite moments would consist of me, in business attire, walking past a gym or running track, unable to train. I'd like to think that I'm a God-made machine that operates at the flick of a switch (Or smartphone... Continue Reading →

It’s OK If Someone Disagrees With You!

When did we become a society where disagreement was the worst thing, EVER?! I'm extremely opinionated and guess what? Not everybody agrees with me! That doesn't upset me, make me want to click the Unfriend button or cause me to post "I'mma do me, boo boo!" Facebook statuses, as I reside in my corner like... Continue Reading →

Some Words From Grandma…

Both my Grandma's have given me advice that has never left me. The strange coincidence is, as Hollywood as it may seem, both gave me the advice as I delved into large bowls of soup they had made for me! My late Grandma, Evelyn, made me a bowl of lamb's-neck soup. She was feeding me... Continue Reading →

10 of My Favourite Songs…

This is going to be so hard, man! My taste in music has changed over the years and different songs carry different memories for me. Growing up in a strict Christian home (Like, at the age of 17, I would lie to my mum and tell her I was working the night shift in Tesco... Continue Reading →

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